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Our History

A.D. Firenze Scacchi is chess club founded in 2004 by a group of chess lovers. The club has always worked hard to achive his goal of spreading chess game, chess culture and chess passion to all Florence environments. The club did and does basic chess courses (several club members started with these courses and now play tournaments), chess courses for kids and teenagers (some of first kids attending to that courses are today the strongest players of the whole club), chess courses in schools, public libraries and cultural centers.

In 2017 the club founded an official chess school to have permanent chess courses and chess activity for kids and teenagers followed by official chess teachers. The club offers to everyone who want to join chess world regular meeting on club rooms where members and not members can play for a game, analyze old games, study books, comment and discuss about local and international tournaments, learn from stronger players, share their own little and important discoveries.

To support, feed, and increase members agonistic enthusiasm, thek club organize several chess tournaments: internal, weekly in evening, rapid, under 16, local, national and international like Florence Move. Firenze Scacchi is officially constituted oneself by a president, by a director board and by club members. Functionally Firenze Scacchi is constituted oneself by chess players, chess teachers, chess directors and event manager. But Firenze Scacchi soul is made by chess lovers: people who work during the day and on evening like playing chess, parents who try to save time to play a tounament, fathers and mothers which bring their kids to play chess and join them to a chess torunement, simple people that sometime see the world splitted on 64 boxes and and believe to fairly tales of pawns who became queens.


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