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Could a great chess event be missing in Florece? An event that could make Florence more shining? Absolutely not!!! This great gap has been filled on November 2012 with the first edition of Florence Move: first international chess event played in Florence and organized by "Firenze Scacchi" chess club.

For the first edition the partnership with Florence City Hall very important has been and let the event be played inside the wonderful and historical Palazzo Vecchio building in the center of Florence city center; no better beginning could happen: great success for Florence, great success for chess movement, great success for culture, because chess are not just a game, but even culture, art, intelligence and imagination. In Florence city of Renaissance, chess needed to have their own place

This year, after a difficult year for the whole chess world, the Florence Move returns to the walls of the Student Hotel, young and modern environments, hoping for an ever stronger recovery of the movement of the 64 squares.

A big big thanks to everyone works and have worked to manage, organize and make real a tournament like Florence Move: chess club members, friends, volunteers, public organizations that together solved all problems, adversities and obstacles Thanks for what you are doing, thanks to spread in Florence chess game and chess culture

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